Glenn O'Brien Has Left the Building

Remember back in the day, you were like, "WOW, I love Interview magazine. I could read it everyday. Everyone in it is so interesting and sexy! And OMG, this design, and OMG, this gorgeous photography. And this cover just makes me want to diiiiiiiiie."

Well, those days are over. Interview's editorial director and Fabien Baron's partner in crime, Glenn O'Brien is leaving the magazine after rapidly transforming it into a much admired publication.

In just months, the magazine has fallen from grace in the midsts of many masthead changes. O'Brien is likely leaving having already realizing the mag's suck value, for lack of a better term. (They've honoured Zac Efron, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Emma Watson covers in just the first six months of 2009. What will the rest of the year bring? Perhaps they could include Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers on individual collectors' covers, and then an homage to Canon super-spokesmodel Avril Lavigne in the big September issue.)

Intel via NYMagazine

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