Restaurant Critics are Kooky

UPDATE: Missed this earlier... Bruni's free pass at publicity from the Times's Magazine. A Sunday cover story: "I was a baby bulimic, July 19, 2009"

Also, food critic Frank Bruni of the New York Times has a new book, Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater, detailing his life as a restaurant critic, a former bulimic, compulsive eater, and a lover of food.

New York Magazine's Grub Street blog has all the details (they saw the advance proofs).

Publisher's Weekly published an interview with the soon-to-be Times's Sunday Magazine critic-at-large , including the first official picture of Bruni - ever!

P.S. Has anyone read The Soul of a Chef?


Lon said...

I like the food at Tongs. hahaha, but best story ever.

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