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Annie and Grace for Vogue (I swear, if they put Grace Coddington's stamp on every cover of Vogue from now on, sales would sky rocket. Woman is a Genius.)

Thanks, Brandon

School reading:
"James Frey's Morning After" - a great article from Vanity Fair, June 2008

Essential viewing on the future of e-books by Michael Tamblyn (inspirational, smart, thought-provoking [insert more cliches here, I dare you--they will all hold true])

Q: Illogical sentence? "A very good article about Megan Fox with quotes from the actress that are intelligible."
A: No. I liked this NYT Sunday Magazine cover story very much. "The Self-Manufacture of Megan Fox"

You know how I got sucked into the Frank Bruni hype machine in the summer? Well, turns out Born Round is very good indeed.

Also, Amy Adams is lovely. See: Junebug.

Pop-culture-conversation starter: "An Uncanny Similarity between Mad Men and the Office"
via The Daily What

Findings from Torrington, AB's World Famous Gopher Hole:


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