The Great Food Revolution

I'm high off of a great tour of CBC Vancouver on Friday. I was lucky enough to hitch onto a SFU communication students field trip to the mothership, and since then, my love for most things CBC has been renewed. So, I'm excited this week about another series of food docs that's hitting the screen. Last year, The Current broadcast some great pieces about the global food situation called "Diet for a Hungry Planet".

The Great Food Revolution takes the microscope to North Americans', and specifically, Canadians', diets:
The Great Food Revolution is a rich and spicy stew of stories about a food revolution that has transformed the way we eat, drink and think about food. Food is the new status symbol. For a rapidly growing number of people, it’s a measure of personal sophistication and the magic ingredient for a long and healthy life. It is the 21st century’s magnificent obsession. Food outsells sex on the bestseller lists, TV chefs are revered celebrities, dining has become "an entertainment", nutritionists are the new therapists.

Four, hour-long episodes, shot in High-Definition television, chart the exotic course of this all-consuming revolution that has cut a daring new swath through staid family and national traditions and altered the course of the global economy.

The Great Food Revolution is a celebration of our new culinary fascinations, told through character-driven stories that speak to the culture of food, the passion of the times and the forces of the future.
I'm always thinking about food - thinking about what to eat now and later, what I just ate, and also in a social, cultural, and political context - so these are right up my alley. I hope these interest you too.

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