In reality, it's weird

This is a very weird blog feature that Style.com has launched for this season's fashion weeks called "Virtual Front Row". They have correspondents in Milan, Paris, New York phone in a blog-style post and Style.com animates the avatars in these little "live" videos below. It's a very bizarre little idea, not in the fact that the technology is very exciting but because it looks a bit creepy.

I wonder if people are enjoying these. Either way, they are fascinating to me. Here's (from top to bottom), Erin Wasson, Tim Blanks (yay!), and Vera Wang. Other contributors include Michael Kors, Haley Freedman, Averyl Oates, Jefferson Hack, and Oliver Zahm. All "virtual front row" videos so far can be found here. And in this meta-moment , Jefferson Hack (current editorial director of Dazed and Confused) plays around with the idea of avatar mash-ups.

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