I applaud any article that can cleverly involve Tipper Gore, Bon Iver, the Beatles, Nine Inch Nails and the cover art for Ginuwine’s "Pony."

See: Emily Gould's Social A's at Awl.com (This week: how to deal with gross, disgusting body parts of a potential partner (which are not enclosed by the pants).)
Talk about songs that are way too obscene to potentially be playing on the radio when one is in the car with one’s mom: “I want to what you like an animal?” We were in the parking lot of the White Oak Library when this happened, I remember it very vividly. In that moment I wished that Tipper Gore had won, so that I wouldn’t have to defend the free speech rights of someone who thinks it’s ok/original to rhyme “penetrate” and “desecrate” (and “complicate”!).

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