Vancouver gained big in the street cred department with my newest discovery: SNEEZE magazine. There are only three cities in the world where you can buy this broadsheet-style (read: BIG) skate magazine from a coin box: Honolulu, New York City, and Vancouver.

SNEEZE includes big, loud photos and artwork, and is written in English and Japanese.

I found it at Abbott and Water. Only $2.

The goal is to create a destination for the reader by having one box per city in a select location -- like a flagship store. We want to grow with you city by city, issue by issue. Having a box on the street not only differentiates us from the rest, but just makes Sneeze more carefree since nowadays magazines are all about over production. The newspaper format is raw and it complements our coverage since underneath Sneeze is ultimately a skateboard mag. And obviously because the box is on the street, our publication can be accessed 24-7 by anyone at any time.

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Veronicahhh said...

amazing. good find!