How to Make Chanel

Today Brandon told me that he wore a stunning Dior Homme jacket with a price tag that made my jaw drop. But that's just the little leagues when we're talking asking prices for fabulous fashion. Ever wonder why a couture dress costs more than just a pretty penny? This video from New York magazine might enlighten you. Says Amy Odell:
Every piece of haute couture clothing is the product of hours upon hours of manual labor.
Ok, so anyone whose ever picked up a copy of Vogue knows about the toil and artistry involved in producing haute couture, but it's a whole other beast to see it in action!
Chanel gave us exclusive video footage of its seamstresses turning a Karl Lagerfeld sketch into a finished dress and jacket with a five-figure price tag. Each pattern is made and cut by hand. Each sequin is painstakingly sewn on by hand. Every inch of piping and each seam is hand-pinned.
See what "attention to detail" really means:

"The Making of a Chanel Haute Couture Outfit," New York magazine

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