What would you do?

Here's a difficult scenario: your old college roommate, your childhood friend, your sister, someone you really love and care about asks you to be part of their wedding party. You're thrilled and honoured to be part of their very special day. And then they explain their idea for a "unique and unforgettable" wedding entrance they have in mind. It goes a little something like this:

"Yes," he or she says, "we're going to dance to Chris Brown and then post it on the Internet. It's going to destroy anything you've ever seen on So You Think You Can Dance."

What do you do? Say goodbye to your dignity or your friend/family member?

video via Daily What

P.S. The bride in the video is so not into it!


Ish said...

I would totally do this for your wedding.

That said, I hope you wouldn't pick Chris Brown as your anthem. Because domestic abusers singing at your wedding spells later divorce.

ML said...

That's really nice of you because I would abandon you at the altar. Dancing in public (even "funny" dancing) for an audience = hell on earth for me.

I thought the same thing about the song choice though so I'm glad we agree on that.

Brandon Gaukel said...

this actually is awesome

Deanne said...

Brandon, I know you would dance like this for my wedding! It looks like SO MUCH FUN!