The Crisis at the Front of the Book

Magazine publishing is making a big comeback, but that doesn't mean that things are back to usual. It's become apparent that the recession wasn't the only thing holding the industry back in recent years. For one, it turns out the Internet is better at being snarky and info-graphic-y than the magazine front-of-book. The Observer notes,
"Many front-of-the-book sections are in deep trouble, a charticle-size version of the angst infecting the glossy world in general. When readers are bombarded online with short items and attitude all day, do they really want that when they relax with a magazine in bed at home?


"There is no longer a front of book or a back of book," Ms. Levine [Ellen Levine, editorial director at Hearst] said.
Juicy reading for editors: "The Crisis at the Front of the Book"

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