Quahags: Clams to you, but you are wrong.

This beautiful passage comes via Ryan, a veritable food-literature connoisseur:
"Uncle Quentin ate the quahaug properly. Free—by the open sea. He sat on his broadside under the snowing gulls by the broad Atlantic, at utter case, and opened the shell-on which amateurs use dynamite of scalding steam—delicately, with the merest flick and turn of his jackknife blade. He scooped out the astounded creature, tossed him quivering under the awning of his wide red moustache, and swallowed him down alive, tipping the delectable juice of him out of the lower shell down his throat. His moustache quivered twice with ecstasy, his blue eyes turned a deeper blue, and Uncle Quentin sighed and reached for another plump mate to the quahaug that had mellowed him so."
Absolutely delicious.

From: Robert P. Tristram Coffin's "Quahaugs and Uncle Quentin", originally published April 1951 in Gourmet magazine.

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