away in eden

Hello, I've returned!
I've just spent a few days in Oregon state, taking in the hipster/hippie/literary-nerd vibe of Portland. See this happy little hotel we stayed in?

And here is Team V2B facing that endless coastline.

Since returning, I've been exercising my green thumb. Today, I found a little present a squirrel left us - an acorn! In the picture of it just below, there are some rosemary and chives behind it, which I had for lunch.

I've also planted (from top to bottom) cilantro, (chives and rosemary again), strawberries, sage, and Japanese eggplant (not pictured).

If anyone knows the gardening equivalent to "The Joy of Cooking," please share!

I'll be hitting the books and the interweb again soon, so hopefully I'll find some more good stuff to share with all of you. A bientot.

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