In Transit

I just came across this blog post which perfectly summarizes everything I love about Martha Stewart.
" I have put my finger on why Martha Stewart is so appealing a personality: She is 100% transparent. For example, she has mentioned in passing on each of the two shows immediately following the show on which Mario Batali appeared that Mario's new thing is a "broken [i.e., not completely emulsified] vinaigrette." Now, you know that the idea of a vinaigrette that is not completely emulsified just kills her. The fact that she cannot stop talking about it and probably does so simply because she can (it's her own damn show, after all) is what makes her so awesome. Also, I love how she just talks over any comments from her guests that don't fit into her plan for the progression of the segment. For example, if banter from, say, Ludacris gets in the way of completing a craft project on air, she just ignores the banter as if she didn't hear it."
From The Imaginary Jenny

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