Reading List

Things are moving on nicely on my summer reading list. I am happy to announce that books arrived from Chapters today, which I ordered less than a week ago! Yay, big box!

Titles that I'm currently reading include:

* Whatever It Takes (Paul Tough)...Read more about this amazing story here
* Couples (John Updike)
* Service Included (Phoebe Damrosch)... the closest thing I'll get to a trashy beach read.
* Maps and Legends (Michael Chabon)... stunning hardcover for only $6.99. It's a A STEAL written by one of my favourite authors.
* Annie Leibovitz at Work...written for photographers. Leibovitz writes about technique and style.
* The Elegance of the Hedgehog (Muriel Barbery)... thank you again, Michelle!

I discovered some of these while visiting two of North America's best book stores: Powell's (Portland) and Nicholas Hoare (Toronto). I have a nasty habit of going into finely curated and merchandised independent bookstores, getting ideas and buying the books online at deeply discounted prices. From a publisher's point of view, I'm the enemy.

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