Leap of Faith

Like the Atlantic Monthly, Newsweek is redesigning and reformatting its magazine to adjust to changing times. They're ditching the old Time-like, mass newsweekly format, and adopting something closer to the New Yorker. The reformatted magazine will be lighter on the text and printed on a heavier paper stock. The magazine hopes that this will attracted a more educated, wealthier, and savvier readership.

To me, this just looks like a magazine for people who aren't interested in reading (see: "The Bluffer's Guide", the redesigned magazine's back page that works like the Daily Beast's Cheat Sheet"). Essentially, they're adopting more blog-like qualities by providing commentary rather than facts, and distilling the big news bits into a one-pager. But they're even asking subscribers to pay twice what they're paying now... so far, I haven't seen anyone succeed wildly at this "capture-a-new-audience" game. Can Newsweek make it work?

Tip: The New York Times, "Newsweek Plans Makeover to Fit a Smaller Audience"

Another staid staple might change things up-- the Oscars:

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