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This weekend was the Superbowl, couch building (nothing says you're in your 20s like building furniture from IKEA with your friends), bike rides, movies and hot torta subs.

In a nutshell, nothing too blog-appropriate. However, I do have a spot to keep your eye on in the next few weeks. On February 19, Conde Nast will launch a new luxury magazine focused on fashion and art, titled Love. The editor is Katie Grand, fashion-stylist extraordinaire and former editor of Pop magazine, and contributor to Interview, The Face, and Dazed and Confused. Grand and co. have quietly been posting on a blogger site about happenings in the office. Highlights so far this year included some lo-res pictures of a bald man, and a short narrative about one of their staffers leaving to get a boob job. I'm hoping the magazine will be more impressive. After all, it's been very a slow year for luxury items, publishing and Conde Nast in particular -- this is a bold move and there is a lot to lose. These magazines have a short shelf life and even the best have tanked in the past few years... this could be a spectacular crash and burn.

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