Best Wishes

Happy 2010, everyone. I hope this new year brings you joy and new inspiration.

Before getting my party gear on last night, I put together this little chapbook for my magazine course. This week, my brother and I visited Main Street and Granville Island, and then had dinner with our parents at the very cute (and dark) Les Faux Bourgeois restaurant. This is a photographic journal of our day.

Most of the text in this book links to websites for more information about the locations I visited, some to music on Hype Machine. Explore and enjoy! (and leave comments as before).

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Deanne said...

Very simple and sweet, I like it! These sorts of things would make amazing gifts. Aah, the power of digital publishing.

ML said...

Thanks, Deanne. Christmas shopping will be so easy next year ;)

Actually.... http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2009/dec/29/christmas-chapbooks

Rebecca said...

Very cool! Similar set up to Tina & Damir's wedding album. I keep meaning to go to Les Faux Bou!