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Required Reading:
  • Clay Shirky's unfortunately titled post, "A Rant About Women" is another way of saying, how can you win the lottery if you don't play?

    Also, note that men in general were handed a ticket... might win, didn't even have to pay to get it. (Are you following me? Is this analogy working?)

  • Feministing gives Mad Props to Hillary


This post is evolving....just arrived at procrastination station. It's going to be a while.

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Deanne said...

I agree with your note about "A Rant." While on a practical level, sure, we can nominate ourselves for jobs and raises more often, the reason male aggression is rewarded in the workplace is because the workplace was designed by (aggressive) men.

Anyway, the rant was written by professor at NYU. While a lot of people like to make gender discrimination a topic that's decided at the very top tier of society, it's far less important to change the behaviour of computer scientists at NYU than it is to make practical changes for, say, women who drive busses or stock shelves at grocery stores all across North America.

Before I see more (white) female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, I'd like to see more women managing WalMarts.