The Olympic Clean-up

Hubert Chan: "For those who don't pass through the area much, a few weeks ago, the wall murals on Beatty Street (between Georgia and Dunsmuir) were painted over by a graffiti clean-up crew hired by the city. Why? The fucking Olympics. The parking lot there is slated to be an Olympic entertainment venue, so the city felt the need to eradicate any semblance of culture and personality in the area before we showcase our city to the world. So this morning on my way to work, I was very happy to see someone had spray-painted a response: the Olympic rings, with the statement: 'WITH GLOWING HEARTS, WE KILL THE ARTS.'"

A picture of the original artwork which was
commissioned by the Steve Nash Foundation in 2007 and were created by 16 artists under the direction of Milan Basic.
can be found on the Georgia Straight website.

Photo credit: Trevor Lupick, Georgia Straight

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