One little tablet, so many haters

There's much speculation that the Apple tablet will ship in March.

There's been so much hype about the tablet--about what it could do for the future of publishing, how it could change the way that we read, how we interact with the written word.

Something with so much promise, something developed by the unstoppable vision of Steve Jobs, must. garner. cynics.

Today, Matt Yglesias wrote that it wouldn't fit in his back pocket so it probably wouldn't be useful to him.

On TechCrunch, Paul Carr noted that the tablet would likely have the same "retina-burning screen" as the iPod to better display movies and web content, and therefore, this device would probably be pretty useless for reading, and also fix none of the problems with the Kindle.

Slate's Jack Shafer says that tablets will eventually morph into ultra-light laptops and your magazine will just be a website.

I most agree with Carr, who writes his criticisms of the notional tablet (remember-it doesn't even exist yet) by prefacing his disapproval with this note:
Predicting that something is going to fail before it’s even launched is like betting against the future: easy to do, but likely to end in embarrassment.

Image from Wired.com


Oh, and see this video from 1994... creepy.


Anonymous said...

as always - an interesting read... that video is something else.

Anonymous said...

I like the excitement of knowing Steve always manages to surprise, it's kind of unforeseeable...I'm not sure I'll need one, but I can't wait to see what it does...