Explain this to me: the Hanson edition

I read today that there was a riot at South Street Seaport in New York City last night; overcrowding at a free concert prompted officials to cancel the much anticipated event. The throngs of fans got angry and things got out of hand. There were police spraying mace.

So why were emotions running so high? Who were this crowd so eager to see? One of the headliners was "the new face of hip-hop," Drake. So there's a lot of teenage girls, Degrassi fans, and/or Kanye West devotees--OK, I get it.

But guess who got almost equal billing? Hanson, meaning that this mystery musical act with a weirdly familiar name was intended to draw a similar sized crowd to the concert.

I was so flabbergasted by the possibility that it could be that Hanson, I went through the whole day thinking there was another indie band named themselves after the MMMbop brothers because it would be ironic. This was not the case.

The Awl confirms that it was in fact that band with Least Desired, Older Brother, Baby Brother, and Brother that Looks Remarkably Like a Girl that was scheduled to perform last night. This is blowing my mind. Who makes up their fan base? Are they the kind of people that still buy CDs? Who is backing this come back attempt? How do you describe Hanson's music now? Do people remember "MMMbop"? Explain this to me.

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Kels said...

I have a friend who went to a Hanson concert last year sometime. This same friend has been a devoted Hanson fan for, like, 13 years. These people exist!