A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

... so this is like writing a 9,000-word blog post (plus captions), right?

Welcome to America. We almost got busted for having a salad that took up a quarter of the trunk.

Apparently, A&W is all-American food. I was not aware of this. Canadian burgers and American burgers taste pretty much the same but the ordering is different. This looks like a take-out window but you're actually not allowed to stand there, nevermind order.

This is Lake George, NY, which was, I later realized, a favourite summer spot for Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Steiglitz.

Welcome to our apartment. Those, over there, in the right side are 1,000,000-thread-count sheets, we're sure. While we made a mess of his house, our host, John, spent the weekend in the Hamptons. La-di-daa. (Oh, and there's nothing on Tracy's face. That's something on the lens)

Here we have Highline Park, barely a year old. It's on the edge of Manhattan in Chelsea, built on a defunct railway perched above the city. Beautiful wood features with concrete accents and lush landscaping. It's a very, very pleasant escape--and hip to boot.

The view from the 20th Street entrance.


If I never go Times Square again, I will be a happy woman. Here a middle-aged Korean woman poses with American tourists in her international garb.

A New York sunset. Hipsters line the boardwalk at Battery Park after being turned away from the ferry to Governor's Island (for the free Yeasayer concert).


Chelsea said...

Looks like a bun of fun, did Yeasayer knock your socks off?

ML said...

Big bun... but we were among those feeling sad at Battery Park! The venue was at capacity 3 hours before the concert started. Booo

ML said...
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Steph said...

I am enjoying the sign for "the best fried clams!" Fried clams and burgers are a classic combo as far as I know.