Somewhere - thoughts on a trailer

It's been four years since Sofia Coppola's last film, Marie Antoinette. (I've been digging the soundtrack for that movie, which I recently bought for 50 cents - value!).

Earlier today, the trailer was released for Somewhere (in theatres December 2010). It's entirely possible that Coppola recycled her Oscar-nominated script for Lost in Translation: the story begins in a luxury hotel, where an older actor (Bill Murray/Stephen Dorff) is regularly reminded of the loneliness that dominates his life, and the emptiness of his career. A surprise encounter with a much younger blonde (Scarlett Johansson/Ellie Fanning) prompts new excitement in life, punctuated with small moments--"real" and simple. They exchange knowing looks, share moments of affection while watching TV in bed and character development happens in a pool. The actor has loving feelings for the young woman and at the end of the movie, must make a decision whether to return to what is easy and familar, or opt for the life he wants. Pastel cinematography is set to the sounds of Phoenix.

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