Newspaper publishers: Read this article or you will die

A great critique by Sara Williams at Made by Many (via Shannon) was the first blog post I've read that gives some very real instructions to the magazine and newspaper biz about how to survive in a world of free content. Williams doesn't miss a beat here in explaining why charging consumers for content that's not enhanced by curation or context has two central and detrimental consequences: first: content can be found somewhere else, and second: being the snobby kid in the playground that doesn't want to share is not going to make anybody like or admire you more. You are not being invited to any birthday parties. It's going to be awfully hard for me to link to you next year, New York Times.

Maaaybe though, you'll get that really awesome pool and the XBox,* and I'll suck up to you. We'll see.

*Someone has got to let me know if these metaphorical statements are getting out of hand. Just tell me, "Megan, say what you mean." If they strike you as humorous, well, if you said so, you'd make me a happy woman.

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