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As I've learned from my recently graduated friends, it's a crap time to be looking for a job. But is it any better to be a university student? According to a press release issued by the Simon Fraser Student Society,
Total cutbacks [by the BC provincial government] to post-secondary education funding since last year now total $70.9 million. The cuts include $16.2 million from Student Aid BC, $37.7 million from institutional operating funding, and a $17 million claw back of “internal recoveries” – funding that institutions must squeeze out of their own already-stretched operating budgets. The cuts will have serious impacts on capital projects, financial aid and student support.
It's confirmed, there's trouble in paradise ("THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH")! Doubly confirmed by the Economist last week.

Melissa and Brianna: thanks for the tips


Ric said...

No pain...no gain. Lets all hussle.

Veronicahhh said...

shut up, Ric.
my life sucks this year with no fellowship :'(

Ric said...

Agreed...lets work on community