My Fondness for You is Floundering

Doug, how about E (as the evil younger brother of F) Or how about Q (as the deadbeat dad of O)?

Generation A, Coupland's 2009 answer to Generation X, hits bookstores today.

Early reviews indicate little promise of appeal for anyone besides devoted Coupland readers:
As in most Coupland tales, matters such as corporate branding and selective consumerism are wittily portrayed with heightened importance.

The world is also beset by a new prescription drug called Solon, which attenuates people's perception of time, thus enabling transatlantic flights to go by quickly and people to forget about the long-term future and its anxieties. Solon users are never lonely, constantly engaged and happy. Solon is immediately addictive.

This is all fine and dandy, but halfway through the book no story seems to be developing. I want to give this book a fair shake, so I'm worried. Then all five characters are abducted and taken to Haida Gwaii, where a perhaps-mad scientist makes them improvise fictional stories. These pretty much take up the remainder of the book.

--Les Wiseman, Victoria Times Colonist
That said, the Random House website touts the book with glowing quotes from Esquire UK, GQ UK, and the National Post.

I want reviews from anyone who reads it!

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