Toronto gets new evening paper

I don't know about you but on the way home, I just stare out the window. I don't even complain about how long the ride home is because I can't function anymore. Time is just an man-made construct. Eventually I will get home but for those 45-60 minutes, I am dead to the world. Bottom line, I'm not going to read a crap tabloid. Still, tonight, Toronto commuters met hawkers screaming "T.O. Night" as they boarded the subway (I am imagining this happened...I will verify with my brother) and were handed another flimsy free newspaper. Like people, on their way home from work, need another daily shoved in their face. Defending this brave venture, the publisher of T.O. Night, John Cameron, says:
"We are [the] last touch point that advertisers get before consumers go home — readers are sitting on a train on the way home. They want to be entertained," said Cameron. "And there's ... nothing there to provide that."
Apparently, Cameron has never heard of something called twitter, or the iPhone, or blackberries for that matter. Hey, I don't go to twitter to get the news but I'm certainly not going to go to my city's free evening paper for it either.

Someone please figure out the economics of "free." Someone besides Malcolm Gladwell and Chris Anderson. Those of us in the industries seriously hurt by the Internet would really appreciate it. It's so confusing. Sometimes smart people like Cameron just throw their hands in the air and start giving out crappy products for free to cater to the lowest common denominator. It can seem like their only hope.

I hope they include many pictures of Megan Fox. That may be the only way T.O. Night can survive.

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Toronto realtor said...

I don't think the idea itself is bad but I don't really believe T.O.night will have big success. However, I actually enjoy reading news much more in a paper, not online. Many people could too, and having it for free...well, why not?

Best regards, Elli