Somehow, this ended up in my inbox...it looks like junk mail, it smells like junk mail... but is it junk mail, or is there someone at SFU who is selling submersible pumps, solar panels, converters, and ink cartridges?
Good Day,

We are requesting for a price and delivery quotation on this items below for purchasing as special order:

1, Grundfos SQ Flex 6 SQF -2 Submersible pump
2, 130watt solar panel.
3, Shurflo Pumps ( Model 9325-043-101)9300 Submersible Pump
4. Lorentz pump PS1200 (HR-03H) with Controller PS1200
5, 310-0030 SMA Sunny Boy 2500U Inverter, 2500W, Grid Tied, 93% CEC, 240

5, HP Ink cartridge C6578DN oem
6, HEWQ6511A (11A)

Let have each items price above that you can quote as a special order.

Purchase Manager
[name redacted]
Newton NC,
---- U.S.A

I'm intrigued.

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Anonymous said...

This is a scam. I get these quite often to my solar companies email address. It is most definitely a scam (not spam, but a SCAM). They are from out of the country, and hope some sucker will sell them something. they will probably ask to have you ship it first, and the payment is not legit... I just got one and googled ["good day" Shurflo Pump] because even though its always from some random person/email, the wording is always the same. the items they are asking for are expensive, so it makes companies think they have a potential huge sale. Not the case. I know your blog post is old and you didn't follow through with this, but i wanted to post on here so in case others google this, they might find my response.
The first time i got the email, i spent 10 minutes trying to find the products, how much my price would be, and was about to start figuring out the quote when i came across a forum with people confirming it's a scam....