Learning to Procrastinate

What I do when there's too much on my plate? Get lost in YouTube (and blog about it).

An Electric Literature Single Sentence Animation | Jonathan Ashley imagines a sentence from Michael Cunningham's Olympia:
“Peter tried to murder his brother only once, which, by the standards of brothers, is modest. He was seven, which would have made Matthew ten.”

Then I started looking at Electric Literature's website and their media campaign.

They're so cool, it hurts:
"People of our generation—with one foot in the past and one in the future—must make sure that the media gap is bridged in a way that preserves and honors literature. We don’t want to be sentimental old folks in a world where literary fiction is only read by an esoteric few."
They care for literature, they're totally green (ebook, kindle, and print-on-demand only), they're hybrid, and the book-magazines are freaking cheap - $10 US !!!

It begs the question "Why didn't I think of that?"

Anyway, je voudrais un croissant.

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