More Media Meltdown

According to Planet Money, if all print were to move online, the industry could only support 20% of its initial workforce. For your reading pleasure, Laura Conaway and David Kestenbaum also make mention of this piece by Michael Hirschorn in The Atlantic, which is getting a lot of attention; it says that the New York Times will survive until May (surprise!).

To download the NPR podcast about how the world (economy) is going to hell in a hand basket, right click here, for the live stream, click here.

In related news, that massive eyesore that is Times Square, is losing one of its most prominent stores, Virgin. This Virgin Megastore location will shut down in April 2009 because it's just not viable to sell CDs anymore. The Times Square location is the most successful music store in the US but Richard Branson is throwing in the towel. Word is that some of the massive space will be sold to Century 21 so that Midtown will be even more zoo-like. Perfect.

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