NYT reports: "Fiction Reading Increases for Adults"

I spent an hour in Chapters yesterday and the line at cash was consistently at least 15-transactions long. That was the kind of line-up I would expect during the shopping insanity of the holidays, but it really looks like the economic downturn and transforming the ways that people spend their time. The New York Times reports that after 25 years of illiteracy, people are reading again! This is most likely attributed to series like Harry Potter and Twilight--books that are also cultural events. But I stand by Oprah and suggest that any reading, so long as it is reasonably grammatically correct, is a good thing--and tasteful during these times!

A movie and a new book cost about the same amount of money but the book will probably keep you occupied substantially longer. I read a few books this weekend to prepare for this semester and as much as I will complain, it was actually incredibly satisfying.

Aside from boring 18th-century novels, I also managed to squeeze in Michael Pollan's 2008 (foodie) blockbuster In Defense of Food. It's changed the way I look at shopping at the supermarket. Think of it as a Fast Food Nation for people who shop at Whole Foods and Capers...or anywhere for that matter. If you eat, it's worth knowing what's food and what's simply food-like.

Read the introduction here.

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