Women's Bodies: the ultimate ping pong match

Hat tip: Aaron Leaf

On Friday, the new US administration reverse[d] rules on U.S. abortion aid. Obama rescinded the rules that "restricted federal money for international organizations that promote or provide abortions overseas, sweeping aside a pillar of the social policy architecture of George W. Bush’s presidency."

As promising as this news is, I look back at the history of this policy and I want to cry: "President Ronald Reagan first imposed the ban in 1984 when it was announced at a conference in Mexico City. President Bill Clinton lifted it a couple of days after taking office in 1993. Mr. Bush restored it a couple of days after he took office in 2001, and advocates on both sides expected Mr. Obama to lift it again."

So what happens four or eight years from now when Republicans take power again? Without a public debate, this back and forth continues quietly in the halls of power, as the fallout happens on women's bodies and reproductive rights.

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