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"Browsing through the top 1,300 search terms in the U.S. that contained the word “inauguration” in the last four weeks provides unique insight into our Internet frame-of-mind surrounding the installation of our 44th President...
"Forget the recent controversy over Obama’s selection of Rick Warren, pastor of the Evangelical Saddleback Church, to give the inaugural invocation in light of his position on gay rights, Internet users instead are galvanized on the choice of Beyonce’ to perform for Barack and Michelle’s first dance at the inauguration ball. With searches such as; “Beyonce’ inauguration,” “hate on Beyonce’ inauguration choice,” and “petition against Beyonce’ inauguration,” the Internet and the blogosphere more specifically, is swirling with controversy over why Beyonce’ Knowles was chosen to sing Etta James’ classic 'At Last' given allegations by petition proponents that she wasn’t a vocal supporter of Obama during the election."
--Julia Angwin, Wall Street Journal

* Video of the Obamas competing for the spotlight with Beyonce. I can't believe I'm saying this--but I think B is a star here. She showboats but she can sing.

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