NYT Loophole

I've discovered a pretty big flaw in the New York Times website registration system. The Grey Lady's website requires that readers register online and log-in to read any articles older than 1 day. I suppose this is so the webmaster and marketing team can log whatever you're reading and your patterns, and survey you in whatever other ways they can imagine.

Well, I've discovered another way in. Just Google the article name and "nytimes." This works for virtually any article. If something is more than one page, just click the single page option to read the whole thing.

Ok, that's it. Keep under the radar.


Ish said...

You the best.

Michael said...

My goodness, if there's one news outlet I have no problem signing up for an account with, it's the NYT.

Plus I have a feeling this is what having a free online newspaper will cost in the next few years. Big Brother can look at my viewing history as much as he wants -- just let me keep reading.